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Pictures of the Lord Jesus from Genesis 37

Just a few skeleton thoughts from this interesting and well-known chapter, let's look for comparisons and contrasts with our Lord Jesus.
v2 - Shepherd character - John ch 10 - "I am the Good Shepherd..."v3 - Now Israel loved Joseph more than all his children... - "This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased..."v3 - The timing of Joseph's birth (Jacob was in old age and Rachel had been barren!) - Think of the Lord Jesus - "When the fullness of the time was come..." Christ came at the right time, according  to God's schedule!v3 - The coat of many colours - The Saviour had a distinctive coat too, woven from the top throughout, and without seam. Really his coat speaks of his lovely seamless character, no gaps, flaws or joins and of course without sin! This is what made the Lord so distinctive amongst men, not so much a coat of many colours.v4 - His brethren hated him - Psa 69 - "Those that hate me without cause are more than the hairs of …

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